Lime Sulphur

Delta Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. produces a high quality Lime Sulphur (American – Lime Sulfur) which is a liquid used to combat fungus, bacteria and insects for mainly deciduous fruit tree’s (grape, apricot, apple, nectarine, pear, plum, peach & cherry)

Lime Sulphur was used as the earliest form of synthetic agricultural fungicide & insecticide. It was used in France in the 1840’s to prevent mildew on grape vines. Since then its application has grown to most deciduous trees. Today it is used for control of scale insects on peaches, erinose mite on vines and various mites on citrus.

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Delta Chemicals’ Lime Sulphur is of high quality and is aimed to have a much higher SG (specific gravity) which makes its concentration very high, making it a highly effective fungicide.


Lime Sulphur is used by bonsai enthusiasts for creating an effect called Jin.

Lime Sulphur is also used as an agricultural fungicide & insecticide for deciduous fruit trees. Prevent various mites on grape, apricot, apple, nectarine, pear, plum, peach & cherry trees. Lime Sulphur is also utilised as a dip for pets to prevent ringworm, please note that this product is highly acidic and the dilutions need to be between 1:16 & 1:32 to prevent skin damage.