About Us

Delta Chemicals was founded by the late WJ Kruger and Ted Wenger in 1981. They had an order from a well-known German chemical company for formulated Copper Oxychloride.

After 18 months, Delta was in full production, supplying South Africa with Demildex® (formulated copper oxychloride) with an appropriate name for removing a fungus De-Mild-ex South African citrus, grape, wheat, vegetable, and legumes crops. Both founders were proven chemical engineers and developed an ultra-fine fungicide (92% minus 5 microns with the use of a first turbine mill). This gave the farmers more excellent coverage per hectare than they had had previously. Today Demildex® is a benchmark product for protection against fungus in the form of white and black spots on the crops as mentioned above for the last 35 years. Over and above which Mr. Wenger and Mr. Kruger were innovators of the year award for Mango Coat and Sun Shade for their development of a sunblock / anti fungicide/pesticide by Minister Geraldine Frazer Moleketi, in these days of radical climate change where droughts and thunderstorms are more prevalent, these reflective coats of Mango coat / Sunshade save farmers as much as 30% of their crops as temperatures on the fruit skins can rise as much as 60°C on the Western boundaries of orchards, furthermore they do not interfere with the photosynthesis of the fruit. Delta also produces Lime Sulphur fungicide for hardwood eradication of bud mites.

Delta has, for the last 3-4 years, been developing Zinc Flo, which is a natural absorbent into the fruit and vegetable root structures as most soils in South Africa and elsewhere zinc-deficient as it is a flowable product result can be witnessed within three weeks after spraying. Delta’s plant pathologist has been monitoring the efficacy of Zinc flow across a wide selection of fruit and vegetable crops.   Every year Delta and it’s chemical engineers are producing new ways of assisting the South African farmer in providing more with a minimum of cost per hectare; products provided by Delta are classified as organic, which complies with the European Common Market Standards.